Rev. Jacqueline Grace is the founding minister of

                                                               Unity of Lake Norman (near Charlotte, NC) launched

                                                               on February 3, 2013.  Originally from Kansas,                                                   Jacquie feels "at home" in the Carolina's.


                                                               Jacqueline graduated from the Unity School of

                                                               Religious Studies and was licensed and ordained in

                                                               997. She has served ministries in Springfield, MO,

                                                               Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC and now Lake Norman.

                                                               Prior to ministry, Jacqueline enjoyed a successful

                                                               career in sales, marketing, and management with

                                                               Nabisco Foods which included National Account

                                                               responsibilities for Wal-Mart and Sam's Club      

                                                               headquarters in Bentonville, AR and TG&Y in

                                                               Oklahoma City and also as the National Trade 

                                                               Marketing Manager for the Vending and Military

                                                               classes of trade..


“Who am I?”... I am insatiably curious about all things spiritual, a seeker who desires to have an ever deepening relationship with God, to experience and emanate a greater love and appreciation for my Creator, myself and others.

I am passionate about spiritual awareness and growth. In my 20's, I sought a “spiritual home” after leaving my Lutheran roots that never quite seemed to fit, satisfy, or make sense to me. I searched for two years until in 1978 a friend told me about Unity. After my first Sunday service, I knew that Unity (New Thought/Metaphysics) was my spiritual path. Unity’s principles and teachings have transformed my life. In fact, they may have actually saved my life!

In 1992 I was informed that I had a large cyst the size of a baseball on my ovary. Not only that, but this cyst had several irregular finger-like projections from which both surgeons were 99% convinced the tumor was malignant. Thank God I had my Unity principles to put into practice which facilitated a miraculous healing which was discovered literally while I was on the surgical gurney about to be wheeled away for full exploratory surgery.

These principles work! Not only for healing, but also to be able to return to peace of mind no matter what outer world conditions and chaos there may be. All healing and all manifesting comes from remembering who we really are and re-aligning in oneness with this omniscient Divine Energy we call God, the all-powerful spirit of Love.

On a daily basis, I see these powerful Unity principles transforming lives as we realize that we have the power of CHOICE, to “choose a different STORY” about people and events from our past. We are the creator of our world, literally building it thought by thought, feeling by feeling, word by word, and action by action. So if we built it, then surely we can dis-assemble it and re-create something better!

Being part of a spiritual community is crucial to our well-being and our spiritual/personal growth. Human beings are social creatures and we thrive in relationships, where we can feel a sense of

“belonging" or that "we matter." We grow in our spiritual understanding when we have those people around us who help us remember how wonderful and powerful we are. People crave community, a place that feels safe, and provides a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves, where they can grow and expand. People are seeking what Unity provides - a positive path for spiritually living a life that you love!

I hold a vision of Unity of Lake Norman as a community of unconditional love, spiritual explorers – a community that is vibrant, thriving and expanding as we awaken to our Divine nature, our indwelling Christ consciousness, that inner holy sanctuary of limitless love and possibilities.

We invite you to come join us!  And grow with us!


Rev. Jacquie



(704) 267- 5498

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God bless you!

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