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Weddings & Special Ceremonies



The day you commit to your love is as special and unique as you are!  And we are here to help make one of the most important days of your life as perfect and lovely as possible. Our minister and wedding coordinator are professionals in handling all the details of your wedding. Whether you choose our Sunday meeting location or a special location of your own, you can be certain your ceremony will be beautiful in every way.  And...you don't have to be a member of Unity of Lake Norman to have us do your wedding! Everyone is welcomed with open arms and hearts.


Please call for more information: 704-267-5498.








Every life is unique from the beginning to the end.  We enter this world as an unknown to those who await us; and we depart having created our own story of being, a web of relationships, and a treasury of life experiences.

At Unity we honor each human journey by memorializing your loved one with

  • Prayers and reflections that are in harmony with your beliefs

  • Eulogies and memories by family and friends

  • Recorded music/video and/or live music, as desired

  • Meditation and silence for remembering and letting go

  • Warm, heart-centered, individualized memorial services


In Unity, we believe that the Presence of Love transforms our life experiences into

that which is spiritual and thus sacred and transcendent.  Together we will create a memorial service to celebrate and affirm a life completed, a soul’s journey, as we evoke memories of your loved one with affection, with respect, and in that Presence

of Love.


  • Unity is a positive spiritual path that honors the universal truths in all religions.

  • Unity teaches that each person is a unique expression of God created with sacred worth.  Living from that awareness transforms our lives and the world.

Unity offers a sensitive approach to saying good-bye. At the time of the passing of a loved one, many people want a service but don't know where to turn or what their options are. We can help. We will work with you to create a service that celebrates and honors the life of your loved one and is tender, positive and uplifting. Depending on your needs and desires, we can hold your service in our Sunday meeting space which seats about 50 . If you prefer, we can coordinate a service for you at a location of your choosing. Please contact us at: 704-267-5498.

We also offer Pet Memorials realizing how important our pets are to us. They deserve a special ceremony as we release them to their next adventur.





We believe in the power and importance of ceremonies and rituals to mark big events in

our lives, and also to help us move on to our next passage in life. How wonderful it is to

share those life alterling occasions with family and friends in the celebration of each life experience!

Special ceremonies that we offer: House Blessings, Apartment Blessings, Office Blessings,Christenings, Conscious Divorce Ceremonies, Pet Blessings, and Pet Memorials.

If you have some other need than thosel isted above, we are happy to meet with you to create

it together.



(704) 267- 5498

If you have been blessed by this spiritual community and would like to assure our sustainability and growth, please consider donating.

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God bless you!

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