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Meeting at: Acting Out Studio, 19900 S. Main St., #2, Cornelius, NC




     Welcome to Unity of Lake Norman

                  Unity is a positive, progressive, practical approach

                         to living a Spirit-filled and connected life

                Unity honors the Universal Truths in all religions and

          Respects each individual's right to choose their spiritual path




11:00 am Sunday Celebration Gathering: January 26, 2020



"What You See...

Is What You Get (or Got!)"


Rev. Jacqueline Grace



"Mirror, mirror of my life, help me see with way less strife!"


Because we are all mirrors for each other, looking at the people in our lives can tell us a lot about our self - "IF" we're willing to look "rightly" - and not righteously! Who we are can be laid bare to us through what we see in others.  It is easy to see the traits we do not like in others. It is much more difficult to realize that we possess those same traits - perhaps to a greater or lesser degree. Often, the habits, attitudes, and behaviors of others are closely linked to our unconscious and unresolved issues.


When we come into contact with someone we admire, it is wise to search our soul for similarly admirable traits. Likewise, when we meet someone exhibiting traits that we dislike, the gift is to accept that we are looking at OUR reflection. Looking at our self through our perception of others can be a humbling and eye-opening experience. And... there is great power in this new vision of seeing everyone as a gift, as a blessing.


So once we are willing to see ourselves reflected in others.... what do we do THEN? Come and explore how to powerfully use our powers of openness willingness to see the parts of our shadow side and how to diffuse them so we can live a freer and fuller life.

We welcome your friends and family to come and experience this beautiful  service with you! Come feel the love...

Everyone is WELCOME  at Unity of Lake Norman!





Meeting Location

Acting Out Studio (A.O.S.)

19900 S. Main St #2

Cornelius, NC 28031


(Just south of Catawba Ave & South Main St intersection - Enter and park on the north side of building)



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Unity of Lake Norman Spiritual Center is a progressive spiritual community that emphasizes spiritual and personal growth, living consciously and making a positive difference in the world. Ours is a warm, vibrant and diverse community that includes people of different ages, races, religious backgrounds and sexual orientation. 

If you’re looking for more joy and inner peace, spirituality that’s positive, practical and guilt-free, a joyful place for you and your family to grow spiritually, then Unity of Lake Norman may be just the place for you!  Come explore with us, there's still much to discover!

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Sunday mornings at Unity of Lake Norman are positive, powerful, practical and fun!  You'll

experience uplifting music, friendly people and a welcoming atmosphere. The message you'll

hear is always relevant and will help you deal with the real life issues you face during the week.

People often say, "I thought you were talking directly to me!" 

Unity is often referred to as "practical Christianity" because you can walk out the door after the

Sunday service and immediately apply one of the relevant principles provided that day either

from the Sunday lesson, Daily Word, music, something someone said, or something you

received directly during meditation. And your life experience will be elevated as a result.

These principles are "game changers" and you will never view life the same.

If you've given up on traditional churches and organized religion, but haven't given up on

your spiritual growth, we think you'll feel at home at Unity of Lake Norman Spiritual Center.

After their first Unity experience many people say, "I feel like I've finally come home".

Come join us on Sunday at 11:00 am and experience the difference!

After receiving nourishment for our souls, many of us go out for lunch after Sunday service.

We hope you will join us! 


(704) 267- 5498

If you have been blessed by this spiritual community and would like to assure our sustainability and growth, please consider donating.

We couldn’t do this

without you. 

God bless you!

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