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   Uniteens (6th-8th grade)

       Each Sunday our teens have the opportunity to:


  • Be involved in spiritual activities

  • Have social interaction with other teens and adult sponsors      (Learn to SEE yourself

  • Receive encouragement from other teens                                     more positively!)

  • Have a safe place to be heard and respected, to stretch and grow

  • Discover, explore and develop an inner Christ potential in an atmosphere of openness, freedom and unconditional love

  • Discuss with other truth-oriented teenagers, the challenges that everyone faces in growing up and becoming independent

  • Have fun, plan activities and serve others with a group of accepting friends

  • Participate in regional and international gatherings where they can get to know other teens from Unity churches in their areas and from all over the world


Unity teaches us that we have creative power in our world. We are able to shape our perception of our world through our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. There is a process we can go through to activate this creative ability in our world. Sometimes this will be referred to as “The Creative Process”. Through a metaphysical interpretation of many well known Biblical characters, we can identify these steps and discover how we can use them in our lives. Join us on Sunday morning at 11:00, as we explore how these characters can give us a greater understanding of how God works in our lives.

Join us as we learn:

  • How can I see myself in the Bible?

  • Who are the important characters in the Bible and what do they represent for me?

  • How can I use my creative power to create a world that works for all?

Uniteen Classroom Focus

Uniteens participate in discussion, crafts, games and meditation every Sunday during the 11:00 a.m. service. This group explores spiritual truths in a safe and age appropriate environment. They have the opportunity to connect with other teens and to take the ideas and spiritual principles shared and see how they can incorporate them into their lives. Bible and metaphysics are explored and self expression is encouraged.


Our Uniteens are also actively involved in both service to the church and supportive community building activities (such as lock-ins and camp-outs) as they grow through their middle school years.

  • Opening Circle - The leader sets the tone for the session through a general group greeting and then a brief check-in for everyone to share how they are in the moment. Each Sunday words of wisdom from inspirational sources are shared. These quotes are from Unity writings, the Bible and other religious texts, and other inspirational quotes.

  • Opening Prayer/Meditation - The opening prayer is frequently lead by one of our Uniteens each Sunday. Each Sunday our preteens have an opportunity to participate in both prayer and silent mediation.

  • Lesson Content - The lesson involves relating a truth teaching to preteen life. The presentation is geared to stimulate individual thought and group discussion.

  • Interactive Activity - The purpose of this activity is to provide an experiential understanding of the lesson principle. Activities include games, music, creative expression, movement and discussion.

  • Love Offering - The Uniteen love offering is the demonstration of prosperity principles. Everyone shares in the prayer together.

  • Closing Circle - The closing is a vital part of the group's weekly experience as it restates or summarizes the lesson's focus and physically connects the entire group for a brief moment. During this time individuals can share the insights that have been gained during the meeting.

  • Community Connection - The Uniteens and the rest of the youth participants join the adult congregation in the sanctuary as we close our Sunday experience together.


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