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The purpose of Spiritual counseling is to assist you in finding God in the midst of life events and prayerfully support you during life's changes. 

Spiritual counseling is designed to inspire and awaken you to the possibilities of spiritual growth in the midst of life events.

Spiritual counselors joyously give you unconditional love and empower you to connect with your own divine guidance. You may speak with us about relationships, prosperity, health, substance abuse, family or career issues, spiritual growth or anything of concern to you. 

It is our aim to help you focus on the solution, not the problem, and to see the solution with the eyes of Christ as you build your conscious awareness of God's presence, power, and activity in your life.

Length: Spiritual counseling is designed to be short-term support. 

Referrals: Spiritual counseling is not therapy. If we feel you can be served by a therapist, social worker, psychologist or other professional, we will tell you and provide you with a list of possible therapists. We will note which therapists attend Unity.

Cost:  Spiritual counseling is offered on a love offering basis. You may leave an offering with the counselor or the receptionist. Many ask for a suggested love offering range: $30-$60 but no one will ever be turned away.

To make an appointment please call (704) 267-5498.

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                                      "What is the Life of your Dreams?’

                      “What would you really, really LOVE to have in your Life?”

                           “If All things were Possible, what would that be?”

I am a life coach. In this capacity, I am not an advisor nor a counselor. I do not

tell you what to do. I know that you have that capacity within yourself, but you’ve never tested those buttons that you have. So I help you to bring out your own capacity, your own inner knowing to help you to discover your own capacity,

desires, capabilities, gifts and talents. You become an "explorer" of yourself.


                 To quote Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living."


I am trained to "listen fully" and then assist you to get exactly what you want. I provide objective and valuable feedback that's very difficult to generate by yourself. Not being able to see your life objectively is like not being able to see the forest for the trees right in front of you. You are too close to it, too intimately involved, and

have much at stake. My work with you is highly confidential and can produce amazing results.


Coaching is a process whereby the coach assists the client to determine what he or she wants in all areas of life and work, and to then develop realistic and multiple action plans to achieve those visions.


Generally the coach meets with clients three to five hours per month for six months

or more to assist them to achieve what they want by discovering their passions and uncovering their genius.


By meeting with a coach, clients create and achieve goals in every area:

  • Health

  • Relationships (with self and with others)

  • Spiritual connection

  • Career/Vocation

  • Wealth

  • Time and Freedom

​This happens through frequent contact with your coach who serves as the full partner in your development.

Coaching is not just a collection of techniques. It's a form of relationship that's both confidential and life-changing. People usually reveal more to their coach than to friends, counselors, or even their spouse. Through this relationship, clients can move quickly from problems to solutions, from insights to action, from the status quo to completely new outcomes in their lives.

Coaches provide a service for leaders who are already basically happy and successful. I am committed to assisting my clients to experience a deep sense that they are free - free from their obligations, their limitations, their fears, and any other obstacles to realizing their full potential, passion and brilliance.

If you have an area of your life you would like to coaching on, I look forward to hearing from you. Please give me a call (704) 267-5498. Jacquie Grace


(704) 267- 5498

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