Unity's 5 Basic Principles



Principle One: GOD IS ALL     

     God is absolute good, everywhere present.

Principle Two: YOU ARE GOD    

     Human beings have a spark of divinity in them, the Christ Spirit within. Their very essence

     is of God, and therefore they are inherently good. (Mankind is created in the image &

     likeness of God.)


Principle Three: CO-CREATING WITH GOD     

     Human beings create their experiences by the activity and direction of their thinking from a

     positive or negative belief and outlook. Everything in the physical world has its beginning in

     thought. We are always at choice in what to interpret and think about a situation or person.

Principle Four: COMMUNION WITH GOD    

     Prayer is Creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind, attuning with that

     divine energy, and therefore brings forth Wisdom, Healing, Prosperity and everything Good.

Principle Five: EXPRESSING GOD     

     Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough.

     A person must also apply and LIVE the Truth that they know each and every situation.



                  Unity is not a religion, it's a movement,

it's a Way of Life!



                                               (Children's simplified version)


                      God IS

                          I AM


               I CREATE it


                       I PRAY


                      I LIVE it




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