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Y.O.U. (High School)


      Each Sunday our teens have the opportunity to:


  1. Be involved in spiritual activities

  2. Have social interaction with other teens and adult sponsors                         

  3. Receive encouragement from other teens                                                                   (Having fun exploring LIFE!)

  4. Have a safe place to be heard and respected, to stretch and grow

  5. Discover, explore and develop an inner Christ potential in an atmosphere of openness, freedom and unconditional love

  6. Discuss with other truth-oriented teenagers, the challenges that everyone faces in growing up and becoming independent

  7. Have fun, plan activities and serve others with a group of accepting friends

  8. Participate in regional and international gatherings where they can get to know other teens from Unity churches in their areas and from all over the world


Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) Classroom Focus

  • Y.O.U. creates an atmosphere for teens to experience themselves and learn more about how to apply Unity principle to their lives. This is achieved through various group activities that include group meditation and prayer, family groups, workshops, joy songs and heart talks.


  • Creating an atmosphere of loving support and safety is an important part of any Y.O.U. activity. Each unique individual is accepted with open arms. Whether the emotion is laughter or tears, teens are honored for the Christ within them and accepted as an expression of God.


  • Active learning and peer to peer teaching are the two pillars of Y.O.U. lessons. Though lessons can be on various topics such as Unity's 5 basic principles, The 12 powers, religions of the world, or spiritual books, lessons always reflect concepts, ideas and challenges that are relevant to teens.




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